Background: Growing up on an island on the Gulf Coast, I loved being in and around water, observing migrating birds, and watching the ever-changing weather in the big sky. Drawing was a spontaneous pleasure from an early age. (Though I recall, as a 5 year-old, a mighty struggle to replicate the shapes of my mother's high heels!) I was lucky to receive painting lessons as a teen. Being able to return to painting now is a profoundly satisfying joy. I paint primarily in watercolor, though some pieces are mixed media. Recently, I've tried my hand at photography.

Kendal Brown image

My continued interest in the natural world is reflected in most of my paintings. I like to closely examine live creatures, the nests, bones and shells they leave behind, and plants as they grow and create seed pods to ensure continuation to the next generation. Learning the subject's character, architecture, planes, density, coloration, inner hallways and outer embellishments makes me appreciate and feel connected to my fellow planetary tenants. When I step back to paint a domestic scene, building, landscape, or coastal scene, I'm equally astounded by the physical and sensual richness in which we find ourselves on a larger scale.

Experience and training in art: Illustration of 3 nature-themed publications in the 1970's and '80's. Consistent schedule of painting instruction at the Carrboro Artscenter 2012-present.

Artist with friend at solo show Carrboro ArtsCenter July 2015

North Carolina exhibitions: Participant in periodic exhibitions at the Carrboro ArtsCenter 2013 to present.
Emerging Artist Solo Exhibit, July, 2015 at the Carrboro Arts Center.
Sarah P. Duke Gardens 2016 - 2018
Orange County Visitors Bureau 2017 - 2019
Orange County Artists Guild Open Studio Tour 2017 - 2019